We have been selling straight razors for years. As you might imagine most of our sales come from men, not all of course, but most. The part you might not realize is that most of the men who buy our razors, are bearded men.

Straight Razors are an extremely classic way to shave ones own face. So classic in fact that it is rarely used any longer. Now with the highly available (and the seemingly cheap) disposable razor, Straight Razors have taken a seat in the back.

I made my first Straight Razor years ago as a self imposed right of passage, in pursuing all things knife making. I made the first ones in a modern style with a pocket clip thinking that perhaps my clients would like to carry and use it as a utility blade. It was popular, but more and more I began getting requests for a traditional shaving razor. As I got to know the clients on instagram, I discovered something that surprised me. The men buying the straight razors, almost all of them, had beards.

At first I assumed it was something in the realm of collecting. They were collecting the razors for nostalgia, but as I inquired with them I found out very logical truth. Men with beards do shave, but just the edges of their beards to keep things crisp and clean. When using a disposable razor to do this, they wear out quickly once exposed to moisture. It can be more expensive to keep up a beard than shave an entire face in this way- especially when looking at a square inch of shaven beard to razor use ratio.

Shaving an entire face with a straight razor is generally a much longer and more meditative experience, especially when first learning. Time and focus is needed. Not an activity to perform half awake and racing to catch a bus. However cleaning up a beard can be learned easily and performed quickly- and if taken care of, the Straight Razor will never need to be replaced again. We are all looking for a one-time purchase with the tools we need. A Straight Razor can be just that purchase.