Let us begin by introducing ourselves. We are the craftsmen behind Solid Steel Works: Iman Behzadi and Mark Moroz — We are metal artisans who specialize in the end-to-end, in-house production of bespoke culinary knives and blade products. We create every component of our offerings from start to finish in British Columbia, Canada. We use our diverse, multi-cultural backgrounds to inform and strengthen the individual designs of our pieces.

We built our first forge in 2012, it wasnt working perfectly, but the metal started to move. Since then we have made many forges and created hundreds of knives, each and every one teaching us something new.

We take great pride in building our knives. Each of us currently works seven days a week honing and refining our products, handling our knives in the kitchen personally, and listening carefully not only to the expert chefs, but the amateur foodies (perhaps even more..) who use our work.

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