Proper Knife Care

All of our knives are built to last multiple generations- and if cared for properly, they will.

Below I have written a list of guidelines to help guide the care for your new knife.

  • No Dishwasher. Always hand wash and keep your knives completely dry (when not in use).
  • Use Oil. If you live, or use the knife in a moist environment, keep (food safe / cooking) oil on the blade (when not in use).
  • Use Oil. If your knife has a wooden scale (handle) you should also periodically use oil on that as well. Any cooking oil is fine.
  • Use Properly. Depending on form, the tip can be the most fragile part of the knife. Do not use the knife to pry or twist.
  • Cut against Wood. Do not use the knife against surfaces that can damage the blade. Ceramic and Stone will blunt/damage the knife edge.
  • Stay Sharp. Not only will you enjoy the knife more, if the knife stays sharp there is less need to use the knife in a rough fashion.
  • Storage. Find a safe place to store your knife. A magnetic strip is a great way to keep your knife from clattering about in a drawer, also, you have a beautiful knife now, you should display it!