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When we initially set the micro bevel (or knife edge) geometry, typically it is at 15 degrees 50/50 (same on both sides). This is a flat bevel we set on a belt grinder. After the initial bevel angle is set, we spend most of our time finishing and polishing up to 5000 grit on Japanese water stones (whetstones). However every knife is different. We would need to assess the thickness behind the edge of your knife, and the typical use, to discover the appropriate angle to sharpen onto your knife.

There are many different theories on sharpening, from symmetrical (same angle on both sides) to asymmetrical (different angles on either side) all the way to single bevel (sharpened only on one side). The needs of each knife are different, and we are well versed with all.


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I have several interesting, historic, wild weapons and edged tools, when showing some, my Guillotine Seax comes out and is met with wows and gasps and “what is that?” I explain the steel, the Solid Steel Works story…

I am so glad I bought this knife.

Richard J.

Best paring knife ever!
I use my paring knife every morning when I sliced lemons for my water and I literally look forward to using your knife daily

Dr. Michael P.

Just wanted to let you know that I gifted (my partner) with your special knife yesterday and I don’t think he (or I!) Could have been more excited.Thanks for your amazing craftsmanship and extra effort to guide me and settle my nerves throughout the process.

Alex K.